I think Sarah is one of Australia's premier talents. I've known, worked with, and listened to Sarah for years. Her talent is immense. She possesses a wonderful stage presence with such a bright, entertaining personality. She is also one of the most professional people I've ever come across. A night listening to Sarah is not to be missed."
PETER CUPPLES (Entertainer/Producer/Songwriter)
Sarah Maclaine brings classic jazz into the modern world with her beautiful voice. She has the expression of a singer from the past but adds her "today" twist. She is a reminder of the good ole days, with an outstanding presence of being in the now. You only need to see her once to be hooked."
LIBERTY DEVITTO (30 years drums / Billy Joel)
Sarah is such a great singer. ... Her work on the show (GMA) over the past 7 years has demonstrated such a fine musicality and her wonderful, unique tone. ... Sarah is a great television performer and she combines her musical talents with a dedicated and really professional attitude".
JOHN FOREMAN (Music Director, Good Morning Australia & Australian Idol)
Thank you for your performances during our AFL Official Match Day Functions at the MCG. Your music always provides a lovely atmosphere during the events and many of our guests make comments on how fantastic your voice is! Your style and song choice fits in perfectly with the ambiance of the evenings and contributes to the success of each night. The way you went from a jazz classic and then got them up dancing with the pop stuff. Great! Thank you once again."
FIONA TWIST (AFL Events Management)
She's one of my favourite singers on the show. Her voice is so rich; it has a wonderful tone to it".
BERT NEWTON (Good Morning Australia)
Are you guys on again tomorrow night? Barry and I will come back with others."
GEORGE HARRISON. (He and champion motorcyclist Barry Sheen at The Grand Hyatt in 1999. Visiting for the Melbourne Grand Prix).
Sarah Maclaine logo
Hey, you should come over to the U.S. They'd love you over there"
JASON ALEXANDER ('Seinfeld') To audience at Crown Entertainment Complex, Melbourne.
A beautiful voice. A standout".
MAGGIE TABBERER (Guest host for Good Morning Australia)
A gorgeous voice. I loved her style".
STEVE POLTZ (American singer/songwriter. Jewel.) During an appearance on 'Good Morning Australia'.