The Heart of Me

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As a singer of both jazz and pop, Sarah has interpreted some popular songs in a jazz style to create her album, "The Heart of Me". Here's what Sarah has to say about it:

This is an album where each of the songs I've selected has a place in my heart. Every track has a special meaning to me, and I hope this comes through in my heartfelt performance of each one.
The Heart of Me

Comments from listeners:

Beautiful lady, beautiful voice and a few favourite songs on this album, beautifully arranged. What's not to love? I've heard Sarah sing live a number of times and was thrilled to find this album evokes the full rich, resonant tones of her voice.
Sarah Maclaine's new album is excellent. Everyone should buy a copy or three. Makes a great gift to people who have taste.
GREAT version of Forever Autumn!!! Brings back childhood memories of War of the Worlds. Congrats to all who played on it.

Sarah's vocals on this jazz release are influenced by great classic jazz vocalists such as Julie London and Mel Torme, and contemporary female jazz artists like Diana Krall, Stacey Kent and Tierney Sutton. Sarah also loves the recordings of Michael Buble.